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CANRO RENO specializes in Flooring Installation (Hardwood, Engineering, Laminate, Vinyl) and repair; Stairs Installation and repair; Doors installation; Hand Rails Installation; carpet/flooring removal and disposal and more..

Wooden Floor

We specialize in creating a floor that matches your vision. Whether it be revamping the flooring you already have or creating a whole new space, book with us now to find out how to make your dream a reality. 

We take the look of dated wood and can turn it into something new and fresh. When wood is at its best it can reflect a classic and polished look that can transform any space. Book with us now to see what space we can retransform for you. 

IWhether it be flooring restoration, a staircase revamp, an outdoor project, or anything else you can imagine, CANRO RENO can work with you to match your vision and turn it into a space that you can be proud of. 

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